In Anita e Garibaldi, for the first time, Garibaldi’s libertarian saga becomes a great historic motion picture. The thirteen years Giuseppe Garibaldi spent in Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay were filled with unparalleled adventures. He arrived at Rio de Janeiro when he was 26 years old and returned to Italy, departing from Montevideo, when he was 39. In this time, he lived burning passion; accomplished military feats considered impossible; survived shipwrecks and tempests; defended a city under siege and set fire to many others.

Garibaldi was a romantic hero, more seducing and audacious than any other created by man’s imagination. And what is really amazing: he was real. His fight on the side of Rio Grande’s people, shoulder to shoulder with the Black Lancers, the cavalry brigade composed only by runaway slaves, and together with the Uruguayans in the defense of Montevideo, is a true adventure, and it touches and moves us.

Ana Maria de Jesus Ribeiro, better known as Anita, was a woman ahead of her time. Wearing trousers and leading the troops into battle, she was surprising even to Garibaldi. Anita was extremely aware of the guerrilla and political situation. She fought out of love for Garibaldi, too, but mainly for the Republican cause.

The production company Laz Audiovisual is proud to present such an important project for the Brazilian and Italian culture, uniting all the elements of the great epic stories.

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